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✨ Unpacking the unexplained! Aliens, chakras, time travel, haunted dolls, ghosts, cryptids, seances, Bloody Mary, werewolves, spooky sh*t... ALL THE BANGERS!! Charge up your crystals, it's time to Abracadabble!!!✨

Jan 31, 2024

Throw on a sweater and refresh your geography knowledge because the gang is heading to the most haunted place on the planet…per capita. Ashley, Jennifer and Tom explore the spooky-yet-sex-positive South Pole.

Jan 24, 2024

The Devil himself or just stylish ghost? Ashley, Jennifer & Tom put on their “thinking hats” to figure it all out. 

Jan 10, 2024

No one predicted that Tom would have mic issues yet here we are. Predictions for 2024 continue. Also: more Copperfield updates 

Jan 5, 2024

Ashley, Jennifer and Tom research and recount the 2024  predictions of “famous” psychics so that you don’t have to.  Also: Copperfield updates