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✨ Unpacking the unexplained! Aliens, chakras, time travel, haunted dolls, ghosts, cryptids, seances, Bloody Mary, werewolves, spooky sh*t... ALL THE BANGERS!! Charge up your crystals, it's time to Abracadabble!!!✨

Haunted Iroquois Theatre

Dec 31, 2022

APPARITION ALERT! Today marks the 119th anniversary of the Iroquois Theatre fire, the deadliest single-building fire in American history and the deadliest theatre fire in the world. On December 30, 1903, an overbooked audience of up to 2300 crammed into the theatre to watch vaudeville star Eddie Foy perform in...

Dec 21, 2022

Jennifer & Tom discuss the Golden Globe nominations.

Dec 14, 2022

Ashley, Jennifer & Tom are like moths to the Christmas lights when it comes to this cryptid. A harbinger of doom, the Mothman worked one West Virginia town into a yearlong frenzy in the 1960s.

Dec 7, 2022

Demon? Schnapps connoisseur? Ancient Judge Judy? Ashley, Jennifer and Tom discuss the origins of Krampus and how he has emerged as the modern-day anti-hero of Christmas cheer.